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Shift from fleet to mobility is helping power interest in medium term rental, says Meridian

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 10:35
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A move towards thinking about fleets as just one element in general mobility strategies is helping to power interest in medium term rental among corporate employers, says Meridian Vehicle Solutions.

Phil Jerome, managing director, explained that dedicated mobility managers were often more open to considering newer and more innovative methods of mobility, and therefore more willing to add medium term rental to their portfolio.

He said: “There are a lot of innovative fleet managers out there and we deal with many who immediately grasp the range of applications for which medium term rental is suitable.

“However, mobility management as a subject is just much newer and the solutions that mobility managers use are often more in a state of flux. It is an arena where there is a wider degree of interest in new ideas.”

Phil said that the applications for which medium term rental tended to be considered by mobility managers included fixed term contract workers, probationary periods and even as a permanent transport solution on a rolling basis.

“Sometimes, when we deal with fleet managers, they have a binary approach that switches between contract hire and daily rental, and they don’t consider our more elastic alternatives that bridge those two extremes.

‘What we find when dealing with mobility departments is that a very wide range of solutions are considered as being suitable for specific circumstances and that there is an understanding that medium term rental fits some of these very well.”

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