FREE: Seat giving away £1,915-worth of Leon gadgets for nothing

Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 08:43
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FREEBIE: Technology Pack free until September

Seat are making LED headlights, satellite navigation and digital radio more accessible than ever by giving away £1,915-worth of Leon gadgetry for free.

Until the end of September, the Leon Technology pack – LED headlights, satellite navigation and DAB digital radio – will be free on all newly-bought Leon models.

As part of the Navigation System option, it includes an upgraded high-resolution colour touchscreen, including a clever proximity sensor.

The sensor detects when a hand is moving towards it and activates additional onscreen options.

Full-LED headlamps are the most cutting-edge on the market, and quantifiably superior to conventional headlights – including xenon bulbs – for two main reasons.

Firstly, they provide a light beam that’s closer to natural daylight; and secondly, they do so while using less power, which ultimately saves fuel.

Light is measured using colour temperature in kelvins (K), and where natural daylight is around 5,500K, the Leon’s full-LED headlights measure 5,300K.

Xenon headlamps, by comparison, register at around 4,200K, and halogen bulbs at 3,000K.

This means a ‘purer’ headlight – one that’s very close to the natural light that the eye is accustomed to, and with no colour distortion.

This reduces eye strain and enables the eyes to more effectively distinguish contrast between objects.

Functioning on low beam, full-LED headlights operate using around half the power of a xenon bulb, and enjoy a life of at least 10,000 hours.

Seat are also lowering the APR on a new Leon to 4.9% APR representative and adding a £1,000 deposit contribution on all cars purchased on a PCP over 36months.

Before July 1, the APR was set at 7.9% while, in addition, there is 0% APR finance on any Leon model bought on hire purchase.

In conjunction with the Tech Pack, a Leon SC SE with full-LED headlights, satellite navigation and a DAB digital radio costs from £165 per month.

Standard equipment on an SE car includes alloy wheels, air conditioning, cruise control, and a leather steering wheel and gear knob.

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