Salary sacrifice for teachers backed by MP

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 10:00
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CHAMBER: MP backs Tusker initiative

Thousands of teachers working in England and Wales’ state schools could become eligible for cars through salary sacrifice schemes for the first time.

Conservative MP David Davies tabled an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons in support of a campaign by Tusker to change rules discriminating against teachers.

Currently, thousands of local authority employees, along with all private sector employees, are eligible to join salary sacrifice car schemes introduced by their employers.

Teachers are currently the only profession unable to join the schemes and are now petitioning to get these unfair rules changed.

More than 1,000 teachers have already signed a petition calling for change, with the Motion set to run for the remainder of this Parliament.

It now has the backing of MPs from all of the major parties.

The wording of the EDM states:“This House welcomes the availability of salary sacrifice car schemes for public and private sector workers, providing a boost to the motoring industry and delivering a low cost, low polluting motoring option; notes the popularity of these schemes and their long-term fiscal neutrality to the Exchequer.

“It further notes the current exemption of teachers from the scheme despite all other public and private sector professions being eligible and teachers having access to similar schemes such as cycle to work; acknowledges the demand from teachers for having access to salary sacrifice car schemes; and urges the Education Secretary to consider amending the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document to extend access to the schemes for teachers.”

David Hosking, Chief Executive of Tusker, said: “We have now heard from hundreds of teachers who ask a question we have no good answer to: ‘Why can we not access the same scheme as our local authority colleagues and university lecturers?’

“That’s why we are working with teachers and MPs across England and Wales to end the exclusion of teachers from salary sacrifice car schemes and deliver equal access for all professions.

“We’re delighted to have received the support of hundreds of teachers and dozens of MPs and we look forward to taking this campaign to the next level and delivering a fair deal for teachers.”

Industry figures suggest that salary sacrifice car scheme take-up by employees at organisations where they are implemented is around 5-10%.

However, Tusker claim demand at smaller organisations where they have implemented schemes can be around 30-40%.

Take-up at large employers – more than 2,500 employees – is as high as 15% in some cases.

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