Saab Parts UK launch new national locator system

Monday, October 7, 2013 - 15:00
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NEW: Saab roll out parts locator system

Saab Parts UK are rolling out a new locator system across all their UK Service and Parts centres.

The move, alongside helping to improve the stock turn of Saab original parts, has created the biggest stock of Saab original parts in the UK.

Operating from 80 locations, and carrying more than 160,000 parts with a combined value of £5million, the centres can source genuine Saab parts on request.

Using daily updates, the national parts locator enables customer requirements to be checked against a national ‘pooled’ stock.

Delivery is then dispatched quickly to enable work on Saabs to be completed as quickly as possible.

The manufacturer are also extending their free MOT offer in conjunction with annual service to the whole of October.

David Leighton, Business Development Manager at Saab Parts UK, said: “Given the annual minor service carries a fixed price of £129, this offer already represents strong value before you even consider the free MOT.

“This is a genuine offer saving Saab owners £54 on their annual motoring costs, and ensuring genuine parts are used to maintain the running of their vehicle.”

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