Record Deliveries For Volkswagen In September

Monday, October 9, 2017 - 18:30
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The Volkswagen brand delivered 593,700 vehicles worldwide in September 2017, an eight percent increase compared with last year. In total, 4.49 million vehicles from the brand were handed over to customers worldwide from January to September.

This represents a three percent increase compared to the previous year. Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for Sales, commented: “September was indeed a record-breaking month for the Volkswagen brand. It was the strongest month for deliveries in the history of Volkswagen not only worldwide, but for the individual markets of China, Canada, Chile, Poland, Sweden and Slovakia as well. There are also clear signs of an upturn in the home market of Germany; current orders are well above the previous month.

The clearly positive dynamic for the brand continues in all regions. Growth in the third quarter was seven percent higher than the previous year.”

Deliveries in the markets and regions in September developed as follows:

At 158,500 new vehicles, deliveries in Europe remained stable The Volkswagen brand recorded strong growth in Sweden (+15 percent), in part on the back of robust demand for the Tiguan, in Poland (+19 percent), and in Slovakia (+14 percent).

At 44,100 vehicles deliveries within Germany continued to decline (-9 percent), impacting results in Western Europe (-3 percent). Nevertheless, orders in Germany show a clear upward trend, which is partly due to the positive stimulus from the environmental bonus.

The Volkswagen brand recorded significant growth in Central and Eastern Europe, with deliveries up 14 This positive development was driven by Russia, where deliveries increased by 15 percent.

At 53,800 vehicles, deliveries in North America in September were 18 percent higher than last The Volkswagen brand has now established itself in a further core segment of the North American market with the launch of the Atlas SUV and the Tiguan Long- Wheelbase. Deliveries in the USA grew 33 percent to 32,100 vehicles. Deliveries in Canada rose by 51 percent to 7,600 vehicles in September, also setting a new monthly record. Here, too, the SUV segment with the Atlas and Tiguan LWB made a significant contribution.

37,900 vehicles were handed over to customers in South America, representing an increase of 84 Key drivers behind this positive development were Brazil with an increase of 131 percent, Argentina with 44 percent, and Chile 49 percent. Growth in the small car segment, which includes the Gol and Voyage, in these markets was particularly strong compared with the previous year.

The Volkswagen brand continued its positive growth course in China in 310,500 vehicles were handed over to customers in this, the largest market, corresponding to an increase of seven percent. This makes September the strongest delivery month in the history of Volkswagen in China. The new Teramont SUV was handed over to 8,600 customers in its third month on the market. The Tiguan family was much in demand, with 33,700 units delivered in September, an increase of 51 percent.

Overview of deliveries by the Volkswagen brand in the period to September:

Deliveries September 2016 September 2017 Change
Europe 160,400 158,500  -1.1%
Western Europe 141,000 136,300  -3.3%
Germany 48,300 44,100  -8.8%
19,400 22,200  +14.4%
Russia 7,000 8,100  +14.7%
North America 45,600 53,800  +18.9%
USA 24,100 32,100 +33.2%
South America 20,600 37,900  +84.3%
 Brazil 9,900 22,900  +130.8%
Asia-Pacific 303,700 326,200  +7.4%
China 288,800 310,500 +7.5%
Worldwide 547,600 593,700 +8.4%


Deliveries Jan.-Sep 2016 Jan.-Sep 2017 Change
Europe 1,288,300 1,278,300  -0.8%
Western Europe 1,125,200 1,090,600  -3.1%
Germany 431,800 399,800  -7.4%
163,100 187,700  +15.1%
Russia 52,700 62,100  +17.9%
North America 423,900 440,000  +3.8%
USA 231,300 252,500 +9.2%
South America 254,200 315,200 +24.0%
Brazil 164,400 191,800 +16.7%
Asia-Pacific 2,264,900 2,324,700 +2.6%
China 2,133,100 2,200,400 +3.2%
Worldwide 4,374,800 4,490,900 +2.7%


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The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand is present in more than 150 markets throughout the world and produces vehicles at over 50 locations in 14 countries. In 2016, Volkswagen produced around 5.99 million vehicles, including best-selling models such as the Golf, Tiguan, Jetta and Passat. Currently, 196,000 people work for Volkswagen across the globe. The brand also has 7,700 dealerships with 74,000 employees. Volkswagen is forging ahead consistently with the further development of automobile production. Key strategic themes for the future are electric mobility, smart mobility and the digital transformation of the brand.

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