RAM Tracking Proves Positive Match For Blood Donation Charity

Monday, January 23, 2017 - 14:32
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Leading telematics firm, RAM Tracking, has donated 11 vehicle trackers to a blood supply charity, minimising the time it takes to deliver critical supplies to hospitals, as well as keeping volunteers safe.


Cumbria Blood Bikes, which transports emergency blood and medical resources to hospitals in Cumbria and Newcastle, received the tracking devices to help deliver stock via the safest routes.


By using a telematics system, Cumbria Blood Bikes can more easily locate its 50+ drivers in real-time, as well as identifying roads experiencing traffic and delays. This means that it can re-route vehicles if necessary to ensure its life-saving supplies reach hospitals as quickly as possible. The trackers also remove the need for drivers to call or text controllers with their locations, allowing them to focus solely on delivering the courier service.


As well as helping to increase the efficiency of deliveries, the trackers will help the charity to enhance its Duty of Care processes. With volunteers often experiencing poor weather and dangerous driving conditions, RAM’s live tracking systems allow drivers to be located quickly and easily, helping to keep them safe all year round.


Scott Chesworth, operations director at RAM Tracking, commented: “On meeting the Cumbria Blood Bikes team, we immediately recognised the vital work they do and realised the potential our tracking systems could have in enhancing their service. From helping to safeguard the wellbeing of drivers to ensuring that much-needed donations arrive promptly and in a good condition, our technology is helping the charity to increase efficiency across its processes and, potentially, save more lives.”


Ian Beattie, Group Treasurer at Cumbria Blood Bikes, also commented: “Our top priority is ensuring we deliver the right medical supply, to the right hospital, at the right time. RAM Tracking’s generous donation of a fleet tracking system has already become an essential part of our service, giving us greater peace of mind that our deliveries will reach hospitals in the quickest manner. The trackers have also allowed us to increase the safety of our drivers, who regularly experience volatile, severe weather conditions.”

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