RAC launch ‘revolutionary’ Truck Rescue and Repair

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 11:15
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The RAC have officially launched their new ‘revolutionary’ Truck Rescue and Repair service at the Commercial Vehicle Show.

Aimed at helping businesses plan and manage vehicle repair costs for HGV fleets, the breakdown and warranty product – which combines RAC Truck Rescue and RAC Truck Warranty – is a move away from minimal breakdown membership and pay-on-use costs.

Instead, fleets can utilise a ‘one annual payment per vehicle’ insurance model which can provide universal cover.

RAC Truck Rescue entitles owners to four call-outs per year for each vehicle covered, with the RAC attending breakdowns and attempting a roadside repair.

It covers 3.5tonne to 44tonne trucks aged up to 20 years old, that have fewer than 2.5million kilometres on the clock.

RAC Truck Warranty customers can choose a standard or premium product, with warranty cover not limited to repairs required following roadside breakdowns.

It is available for vehicles aged up to ten years, with fewer than one million kilometres mileage.

The RAC Truck Standard Warranty limits repairs to major components and can be upgraded to Standard-plus which covers the same components for wear and tear issues.

Its Premium counterpart provides cover for all mechanical and electrical components.

RAC Truck Rescue and RAC Truck Warranty can be purchased separately, or together.

Richard Fuller, Commercial Vehicle Spokesman at the RAC, said: “The RAC has an exemplary track record in providing roadside assistance to large commercial vehicles over many years so the development of RAC Truck Rescue and Repair was a logical progression as it gives owners greater flexibility to manage their all-important repair bills more effectively.

“Any breakdown has the potential to impact performance and customer satisfaction negatively if delivery schedules are not kept, but the high costs that can be associated with getting vehicles repaired can be crippling and extremely damaging to a business’s bottom line.”

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