Park’s Motor Group Supports Fullcover Growth

Friday, February 17, 2017 - 14:17
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Test Drive

Park’s Motor Group, one of Scotland’s largest and most successful retailer networks, has chosen FullCover from Cooper Solutions to provide immediate, affordable loan car insurance for its customers.

With locations throughout Scotland, including Aberdeen, Glasgow, Stirling, Perth, Inverness, Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Fife, Park’s operates a diverse portfolio of luxury, niche and volume franchises. By harnessing the power of FullCover from Cooper Solutions, Park’s is raising its customer experience by delivering a fast, professional courtesy car and test drive service.

Willie Cumming, Group Aftersales Director for Park’s Motor Group explains, “With FullCover we gain a hassle free management system, including competitive daily rate insurance for loan cars, improving our courtesy car and demonstration services.

Not only does this give us the peace of mind that we are meeting our duty of care, as dealers, customers and the general public are fully covered in the event of an accident, it removes an unnecessary administration burden for our service and sales teams.

Test Drive

“The robust licence checking system is easy to use, streamlining the process still further, whilst yet again, ensuring we are meeting our duty of care obligations. The impact that FullCover has had on enhancing customer perception of the professionalism of our services can’t be under estimated.

“Any claims we make are handled quickly and efficiently, minimising the effect on our business, but crucially, we can monitor performance at user, dealer and group level, allowing us to stay in control of our fleet costs and risks. FullCover and working with Cooper Solutions has quickly become a vital part of our business, supporting our strategic growth plans.”

Dean Pipitone of Cooper Solutions, comments, “FullCover aims to make life easier for our partners, helping businesses like Park’s streamline the management of its fleet and enhance customer service. We work closely with our customers who want to harness technology to support the expansion of their businesses and focus on their duty of care obligations without compromising on service.”

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