Ogilvie Fleet Ensures “Happy Driver” With New App

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 - 14:04
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'Happy Drivers' app

Ogilvie Fleet has relaunched its driver guide app with a new name, additional features and information and, for the first time, made it accessible to company car and van drivers as well as fleet managers who are not customers.

The leading independent vehicle leasing and fleet management company’s smart phone tool has been relaunched as the ‘Happy Drivers’ app, 12 months after its initial unveiling.

Launch of the ‘Happy Drivers’ app is expected to further enhance the company’s enviable award-winning IT and customer service reputation that has seen its operation expand to almost 14,000 leased cars and vans on its books and a further 1,600 on fleet management.

The redesigned free-of-charge tool delivers a vast array of functionality deemed critical to company car and van drivers.

When users launch the ‘Happy Drivers’ app for the first time they are asked whether they are an Ogilvie Fleet customer. Depending on their selection, the content displayed will differ, although much information remains accessible to all drivers.

The ‘Happy Drivers’ app has been launched with functionality that currently includes:


  • ‘Find my Nearest’ – fuel station, electric vehicle recharging point, tyre centre, car park and supermarket
  • Emergency contact details – breakdown and recovery, replacement glass, report an accident
  • Driving tips – efficient driving, what to do in event of an accident, winter driving, overseas driving
  • Company car benefit-in-kind tax calculator


  • Driver information – Vehicle Excise Duty, MoT and tyre, battery and exhaust replacement, service booking, taking a car overseas
  • Vehicle wear and tear checklist – general appearance, documentation and keys.



However, while generic information is accessible for non-Ogilvie Fleet customers, more specific information is available to the company’s clients.

For example, emergency contact details in the event of the breakdown of an Ogilvie Fleet customer’s vehicle sees contact details for RAC highlighted because the motoring organisation is the leasing company’s preferred partner. Similarly, in the event of a tyre requiring repair or replacement information on Kwik Fit is provided as the UK’s largest automotive repair business is the organisation’s chosen supplier.

In those two eventualities, drivers that are not at the wheel of an Ogilvie Fleet supplied vehicle will be able to access information relating to a number of breakdown assist organisations and fast-fit specialists that will be able to provide help.

Ogilvie Fleet sales and marketing director Nick Hardy said: “The company has a vast knowledge bank and we want to share that information with all drivers as the benefits go well beyond just those of our own customers.

“The app ensures that information to company car and van drivers, as well as fleet managers, is provided 24 hours a day, in the easiest possible way.”

Mr Hardy continued: “Ogilvie Fleet will seek to further develop the app and intends to release monthly incremental updates. Our long term goal is to provide real-time information directly to drivers.”

That will see drivers logging in and accessing specific information applicable to their company car or van such as: when the next service or MoT is due, P11D information and CO2 data.

Ogilvie Fleet has a multi-award winning record for providing the best IT and best customer service and the company’s original ‘Driver Guide’ app won fleet industry awards.

Mr Hardy said: “Ogilvie Fleet has a vision, which some may regard as being outrageous, of becoming the Apple of the contract hire and leasing world offering the most desired product range in the market place. That’s why we believe with the introduction of the universally useful ‘Happy Drivers’ app, the business is meeting the needs of all drivers and fleet managers.”

The ‘Happy Drivers’ app is available on Android and iOS devices making it accessible to more than 95% of smartphone users, according to research by the consumer mobile phone tracking panel run by Kantar Worldpanel Comtech. It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

For more information, visit http://www.happy-drivers.co.uk.


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