Nexus Vehicle Management launch next-generation NEXFLEET

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 15:00
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LAUNCHED: John Ellis, of Nexus

Nexus Vehicle Management have launched their next-generation fleet management system NEXFLEET.

The cloud-based system provides a one-stop shop for all aspects of fleet management, including driver management, vehicle maintenance, Motor Insurance Database (MID) reporting and driver licence checking.

NEXFLEET users can also benefit from discounts on a whole range of services such as tyres, replacement windscreens and servicing through a network of suppliers.

John Ellis, Managing Director of Nexus, said: “NEXFLEET has been specifically designed to help fleet managers maintain their fleet and driver records, and increase training to avoid costly repairs by identifying problems early enough for them to be put right quickly and at minimal cost.

“When running a fleet of vehicles, fleet managers are obliged to meet their duty of care responsibilities.

“Identifying failings in vehicles or driver capabilities early on allows for a much better chance of correction before they turn into costly faults or failures.

“And there are benefits for drivers too as the law states the driver is responsible, and therefore liable, for the roadworthiness of the vehicle they are driving.

“Not only will your employees appreciate that their vehicle is being maintained to the highest possible standard, it will also mean that the likelihood of them incurring any driving penalties is reduced.”

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