New Peer To Peer Car Hiring Platform With HiyaCar


Adur & Worthing Councils have today announced that they have teamed up with HiyaCar to become the first UK council to enable peer to peer car hiring for business usage.

The Councils are working with HiyaCar who have installed their keyless (QuickStart) technology in the cars of employees who signed up so that other employees can access a car with a swipe of their smartphone, reducing the need for and cost of pool cars. HiyaCar is the first peer to peer car rental service in the UK to deploy keyless entry and is aiming to transform the way people hire and drive cars for leisure or business.

The scheme sees the Councils empowering employees to share their vehicles with colleagues who require one for Council business. This will reduce fleet costs for the Councils by up to 25% and improves efficiencies as they will remove the standing costs of pool cars which may be underutilised. The scheme will also reward employees who share their cars, helping them offset the costs of an otherwise depreciating asset. Overall, the amount of money leaving the local community due to Council car usage will reduce by 75%.

According to the Councils, if the first phase of the scheme is successful, the second phase of the scheme will see communication to the local community to encourage car sharing, including using the cars of the Council employees. This will improve access to cars for local drivers, create income for more local owners and ultimately help to decrease the number of new cars parked and on the road improving mobility while reducing car ownership and costs.

Councillor Diane Guest, Worthing Borough Council’s Executive Member for Environment, said:

“HiyaCar is a simple and cost efficient way to undertake business travel in a sustainable and community-spirited way. It’s a win-win for everyone involved and will enable the councils to be leaders by example for the wider community.”

Phil Makinson, HiyaCar’s Chief Commercial Officer, said:

“The A&W Councils are setting an example for other organisations around the country that could significantly benefit from changing their current way of providing cars for business use by supporting peer to peer car sharing. It means that The Councils will no longer pay for unused pool cars and help their staff to make money from their vehicle, all without leaving their desk. We have three cars set up with QuickStart technology at present and this is just the beginning of better car usage for The Councils, the local community and, we hope, many other Councils.”

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