Motor Ombudsman & MCIA Endorse Radius Law

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 17:30
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The Motor Ombudsman, the automotive dispute resolution provider, and the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), have endorsed the Readiness programme of Radius Law, the specialist motor law firm, to help automotive businesses prepare for the new data protection law that will be in force in May 2018. It will be known as the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’).

The GDPR revises current data protection laws that are almost 20 years old. In most cases, it will require businesses to update their data collection statements and significantly enhance their data processing controls, and the Readiness Check will help to avoid any costly contraventions of the law.

Iain Larkins, Director of Radius Law, stated: ‘Many businesses that we speak to are finding the task of complying with the new law daunting. That’s understandable as it’s a big change, but our cost-effective programmes are designed to break it down into bite-sized chunks to make it even more manageable. Sometimes the biggest issue is knowing where the problems are, but with our extensive industry experience, we have a good idea where these are before we set foot in a business.’

Bill Fennell, Managing Director and Chief Ombudsman of The Motor Ombudsman, said: ‘With any compliance programme, our interest is that it is provided with skilled industry professionals and that it is transparent. We want to have the peace of mind that any of our accredited businesses and other automotive organisations understand what they are buying. Radius Law has been working closely with us to provide these assurances.’

Steve Kenward, Chief Executive of the MCIA, added: ‘We are pleased to be collaborating with Radius Law to deliver more solutions to our members which has included a free GDPR training event. Radius Law has worked with us before and has always provided tuition in a simple to understand and engaging way.’

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