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MID Communications roll out Fleet Management Made Simple

By Kyle Lindsay
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 16:00

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PRAISED: MID roll out AFL’s management tool

Bolton-based MID Communications are rolling out AFL’s Fleet Management Made Simple tool to remotely manage their fleet and drivers.

The IT and communications supply startup run a combined company and grey fleet of just under 10 cars, and claim the system is helping them enormously.

Danny Simpson, Sales Director at MID Communications, said: “The fleet management tool’s functionality and simplicity is fantastic and has saved MID Communications, an O2 franchise, a lot of time and money.

“Everything, from the mileage counter to the update reminders for checking the cars and drivers on a regular basis, removes the stress and frustration associated with manual management and helps with time management.

“We have saved at least three hours per month in manual paperwork and complications.”

Laura Heathcote-Smith, Senior Relationship Manager of AFL, said: “Before working for AFL I was a fleet manager using this system to run a total fleet of 170 vehicles which included 100 commercial vans.

“It definitely increased my productivity by reducing the time spent on administration of vehicles and drivers and providing useful alerts to aid me in managing my time effectively.

“I have been working with MID communications for over six months now and have been helping them to achieve easy day-to-day fleet management, but also helping them to identify areas of potential savings when it comes to fleet whole life costs.

“With the use of this system and regular meetings with them this has now been achieved and will be ongoing through effective account management.”

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