Daikin aim for efficiency with TomTom fleet management investment


HELP: TomTom team with Daiki

Air conditioning company Daikin are investing in TomTom fleet management technology to help control costs, verify VAT fuel claims and comply with BIK tax.

Installed across Daikin’s 145-strong fleet, the TomTom WEBFLEET solution includes LINK tracking units and dashboard-mounted privacy buttons, enabling staff to toggle between business and private journeys as required.

Transparent reports detailing Daikin employees’ business and private mileage can be automatically generated by the system.

This provides proof that fuel paid by the company has not been used for personal use.

Richard Truttero, General Affairs Manager at Daikin, said: “It has proved more cost-effective for Daikin employees to pay for fuel used for personal journeys, rather than having to incur car fuel benefit tax for fuel paid for by the company.

“This approach is also saving Daikin thousands of pounds annually in fuel and National Insurance costs.

“Accurate logs of the different mileages clocked up are crucial however to ensure errors in fuel usage are not made, VAT claims on fuel are correct and that inappropriate tax claims are avoided.”

The system is also benefitting Daikin’s day-to-day operations by enabling the effective scheduling of appointments, with all customer site locations highlighted in TomTom’s WEBFLEET fleet management software.

This allows Daikin sales engineers to identify groups of customers to visit while in the area.

The system also allows for quick dispute resolution of customer or staff issues.

Giles Margerison, UK and Ireland Director at TomTom Business Solutions, added: “HMRC is placing business mileage records under serious scrutiny and the penalties for non-compliance can have serious financial consequences.”

“We welcome the opportunity to partner with Daikin, a forward-thinking company that has taken a proactive approach to ensuring accurate records are maintained.”

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