Microlise launch Driver Performance Management Module

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 15:30
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LAUNCH: Microlise make DPM innovation

Microlise have revealed their new Driver Performance Management smartphone and tablet application to provide real-time driving style information to motorists.

The DPM app also gives drivers an overview of their performance compared to their colleagues at the end of their shift.

It displays, at the end of each leg or shift, how the driver has driven, what infringements they have committed, where they occurred, overall mileage, MPG and emissions and how they rank compared to their workmates.

The Driver Performance Module can also be configured to provide real-time feedback, via the mobile device, to prompt the driver as infringements occur.

Matt Hague, Product Strategy Director at Microlise, said: “The Driver Performance Module complements our existing and successful driving style reports whilst giving drivers and managers alike the opportunity to access the data directly at the end of a trip and via a number of device options.

“This will elevate Microlise’s offering to another level.

“It will make driver engagement easier and reduce management overhead in that the driver can access the information directly and managers can quickly review overall performance and target drivers from both an incentives and a coaching standpoint.”

Microlise will deliver the Driver Performance Module to the first customers this summer.

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