Could The MG3 Be The Perfect Accessory?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 - 15:30
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Could the MG3 be the perfect back to uni accessory

According to the website,, the top five most popular universities are Belfast, Coventry, Cardiff, Nottingham and Birmingham. The fact that there is an approved MG dealer in each of these cities may be purely coincidence, but could this be a sign that the MG3 is THE perfect car for students?

The MG3 is stylish, fun and competitively priced. Add to this the fact that it falls into the Group 4E category for insurance, and premiums for the MG3 can prove significantly less than many of its competitors. This should be music to the ears of cash-strapped students facing the gauntlet of high insurance premiums.

The low cost of the MG3 hasn’t come at the price of aesthetics, however, with all models benefitting from signature front LED daytime running lights, black A-pillars and sports seats with contrasting red stitch detail. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the MG3 is the amount of freedom owners have when it comes to personalising its look. The huge range of colours, exterior graphics, interior colour packs and part-leather upholstery was created by MG’s UK-based sister company SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre and inspired by the British fashion industry.

There are four models in the MG3 range; all have an electronic hill hold, six airbags, electronic stability control, corner brake control and traction control as standard, as well as one of the largest and most spacious cabins in the Supermini class. Additionally, aside from the entry level model, all MG3s also feature a high-quality DAB audio system.

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing at MG Motor UK, said: “The MG3 was built with fun in mind. It’s brilliant to drive, safe and can be personalised to the owner’s own taste. Add to this the fact that it’s one of the most affordable cars in its class, with prices starting at just £8,695, and it really is the perfect car for students. What’s more, with dealerships in major student cities, there has never been a better time for university-goers to bag themselves their ideal car.”

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