Maple launch ‘unique’ SafeConnect IQ

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 10:00
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EXHIBIT: Maple at CV Show

Maple Fleet Services have officially launched their new high-security offering, SafeConnect IQ, at the Commercial Vehicle Show.

The solution, which operates in conjunction with Maple’s Insight IQ platform, ensures trailers can only be moved by authorised persons and provides operators with the ability to authorise trailer movements remotely.

This is a unique feature in the battle against illegal couplings, claim Maple, who are demonstrating the new offering at the Show alongside their flagship device SafeConnect.

With SafeConnect IQ, operators can decide who can connect up to and physically move trailers, eliminating unauthorised movements.

The platform records information such as who, when and where the trailer was coupled, with Insight IQ allowing operators to authorise trailer movements remotely.

It works by the driver presenting their authorised RFID fob to a cube display, with the brakes remaining locked until the driver is in the cab and has depressed the brake pedal.

This ensures the driver is in complete control of the vehicle throughout the coupling process.

If an attempt is made to move the trailer without showing an authorised RFID fob, the SafeConnect valve will not release, ensuring trailer brakes remain safely locked on.

Paul Nunn, Marketing Manager at Maple Fleet Services, said the platform offered a ‘comprehensive safety and security application’, and expected around 10% of SafeConnect users to upgrade to SafeConnect IQ.

“We expect that it will be a niche product, but SafeConnect IQ really is unique in the marketplace,” he added.

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