Manheim reap benefits of specialist council and utility van auction

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 12:00
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SOLD: New auction boosting Manheim

Manheim are reaping the benefits of a recently-launched monthly council and utility van sale.

Introduced due to market demand, the new van sale section runs within Manheim Colchester’s four-lane van auction at a prime time every four weeks.

The Wednesday sale section typically offers more than 100 vans from various sources, including local councils and operators in the electric, water and gas utility sectors.

Additionally, it has a prime selection of vans from BT Fleet which, along with entries from partner vendors, are generating significant buyer interest.

Despite falling in the middle of the holiday season, the most recent auction recorded an overall conversion rate of 96%.

More than 100 online bidders and 150 physical attendees battled to secure the prime stock, with total sales value exceeding vendor reserve by 128% and CAP by 102%.

Trevor Pascall, Asset Manager for UK Power Networks, said: “Colchester’s monthly council and utility sale is the ideal place to be selling our vans.

“Since the launch of this sale we have achieved excellent results with the auction hall always being very busy with physical buyers.

“We are also seeing many bids coming in via Simulcast from online buyers from the length and breadth of the country.

“Due to the nature of our business and current de-fleet process, it makes sense to be selling in a designated monthly utility sale and Manheim Colchester has the right following for our product for each and every sale.”

Tim Spencer, Regional Commercial Vehicle Manager at Manheim, added: “These industry-leading results prove the new sale is a hit with buyers and vendors alike.

“Council and utility vehicles are very popular buys in auction.

“Buyers know that they are well specified and maintained.

“The vans are often operated within a tight radius of base so they are very much in a retail customer’s heart and mind when it comes to selecting a used van for their business.”

Manheim Colchester is Europe’s largest auction centre and only four-lane auction facility, selling just over 12,000 vans and 900 trucks last year.

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