Making running fleets easier: Masternaut complete E.Novation BTC acquisition

Monday, July 8, 2013 - 12:18
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DEAL: Martin Hiscox and Walther Bernard

Telematics technology will meet market-leading wireless tachograph capabilities after Masternaut completed the acquisition of E.Novation BTC.

Masternaut, Europe’s leading telematics provider, will now have the ability to deliver multiple added-value services via one core, connected platform.

This is due to E.Novation’s capability to archive and analyse vehicle data and monitor European toll charges and vehicle costs.

Fleet management and driving-time compliance will be unified into a single hardware unit, with instant, automatic and remote access to data via wireless transfer.

The next generation systems will enable Masternaut’s customers to handle compliance with drivers’ hours and working time directive efficiently, while greatly reducing operational costs.

Martin Hiscox, Chairman and CEO of Masternaut, said: “Fleet managers will no longer have to handle multiple platforms for telematics and tachograph functionality.

“With E.Novation BTC’s technology now on board, we will significantly reduce the level of time investment required.

“Our next generation systems will deliver telematics and tachograph capability via one central, unified platform.”

The solution will also help customers in supporting the move towards EU Smart Tachograph in 2017/18.

Operational and administrative overheads will be reduced via the ability to store, record and download dynamic driver and vehicle data wirelessly, while automating data compilation and scheduling,  improving data reliability and reducing IT complexity.

It will also enable logistics companies to gain driver time and maximise fleet efficiency while improving driver safety and ensuring deadlines are never missed.

“Tachograph solutions are of course a necessary spur to improve road safety, but despite advances with digital systems, high administration costs are still crippling the industry,” added Hiscox.

“Our systems will not only greatly reduce the cost burden, but unlock the potential for tachographs to transform fleet management and maximise fleet efficiency.”

Masternaut have also taken over E.Novation BTC’s Berlin office, opening their first German R&D base in order to accelerate product development in the region.

Walther Bernard, CEO and founder of E.Novation BTC, said: “Through this acquisition, the reach of E.Novation BTC’s product set is vastly expanded.

“Our technology is highly complementary with Masternaut’s and the two combined will have the ability to make the lives of fleet managers across Europe significantly easier.

“Masternaut’s industry expertise is second-to-none and, as we look towards the next phase of our partnership, we know we are in safe hands.

“We’re looking forward to working together to develop and deliver the very latest in fleet innovation.”

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