Majority of fleets would NOT consider self-driving vehicles

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 11:00
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Just a third of fleet operators would consider using self-driving vehicles.

A survey by, following the recent launch of Google’s latest self-driving electric car, has revealed that 32% of fleet managers would be interested in utilising the technology.

Kjell Anderton, Director at TrackCompare, said: “Although some people left light-hearted comments, this poll was taken remarkably seriously by the vast majority of respondents.

“For example, we were told ‘I would need to learn more about it: who would insure them?,’ ‘I don’t think these would be good for fleets,’ ‘Not just yet; give it another ten years,’ ‘I definitely would consider them; I would even consider buying them,’ ‘It wouldn’t work in our fleet of HGVs and the sector we are in,’ and ‘Yes, it’s cheaper and safer than a regular car’.

According to supporters, the benefits of self-driving vehicles range from safer roads and no crashes to reduced congestion and pollution.

Opponents maintain traffic and urban sprawl would be made worse by the vehicles because, without the need to drive, commuters could choose to travel further.

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