Leasedrive predict ten key fleet trends for 2014

Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 16:00
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VISION: Leasedrive predict fleet trends

Ten key fleet trends for 2014 are being predicted by the Leasedrive Group.

Roddy Graham, Commercial Director of Leasedrive Group, said: “2014 will see the leasing sector bounce back with companies enjoying better profitability.

“Further consolidation in the sector is inevitable, especially as interested parties track a sector in rude health.

“Cost control continues to be the number one priority for fleets so the pressure remains on service providers to deliver further added value without compromising service.

“Pressure will mount for better accountability, be it on official fuel figures or the amount collected in motoring taxes being reinvested in the UK road network.

“‘Vs’ in various forms will make the headlines and need to be watched, whether they be residual values, electric or autonomous vehicles.

“Either way, the fleet sector is entering exciting times, which will pave the way for future long-term change.”

Leasedrive’s ten predicted fleet trends are:

  • Further industry consolidation
  • Falling residual values
  • Cost to remain top priority
  • Pressure for more reliable fuel consumption figures
  • Further drop in business mileage
  • Greater alignment of motoring taxation with road network expenditure
  • Predictive analysis of telematics
  • Greater awareness of electric vehicles
  • Heightened interest in autonomous vehicles
  • Acceleration of fleet management outsourcing