Jet Plant Hire Ltd put its first FMX Tridem chassis into service

Monday, February 17, 2020 - 08:36
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Jet Plant Hire Ltd of Evesham has recently put its first FMX Tridem chassis into service. The 8×4 rigid completes a ‘full range’ of Volvo trucks now in use at this industry-leading road planning business.

FMX Tridem

A recently delivered Volvo FMX Tridem has joined the 35-strong fleet at Evesham based, Jet Plant Hire Ltd. The new arrival means the company now operate a full range of Volvo trucks models, from FL rigids right up to STGO plated FH tractor units. Supplied by Adam Barnard, Transport Solutions Executive at Wales and West Truck and Bus Ltd, the FMX is fitted with a Boweld tipper body. The truck also hauls a tri-axle Andover drawbar trailer for transportation of the company’s road planers.

“The latest FMX is our first Tridem. We wanted the manoeuvrability of a six-wheeler that could tow a trailer and provide a good payload capacity. The Tridem offers us increased flexibility and utilisation levels. The driver loves the new arrival and fuel wise it’s doing well. We require our trucks to carry out two roles. Firstly, to transport the road planer and when on site, to remove the material that has been planed from the road surface. The FMX Tridem ticks all the boxes and is probably the first of several Tridems we will operate,” enthuses Sean Witheford, Managing Director at Jet Plant Hire Ltd.

The 460hp FMX 8×4 specification includes a Globetrotter Cab, a nine-tonne front axle and a rear lift / tag axle.

FMX Tridem

“The I-Shift gearbox is a deal breaker when choosing between Volvo and any other marques. Low speed road planning operations have the potential to burn out a truck’s clutch within a very short space of time. I-Shift has taken that potential issue out of the equation. Adam also ensures the gearbox’s software is properly specified with each new truck, along with the correct differential ratio. These require careful consideration in our slow speed operating environment,” Sean adds.

Jet Plant Hire now includes a seven-year Volvo Gold Service Contract with all its Volvo truck purchases. “The Volvo Gold Service Contract means there is no obstacle to technicians looking after our trucks comprehensively. All questions are out of the equation. If something needs doing it gets done, to the best possible standard. With Volvo doing the work to factory standards much of what’s done is prevention rather than reactive.” That said, Sean also reports minimal downtime figures and excellent support levels from the team at Wales & West Truck and Bus Ltd.

Founded in 1989, Jet Plant Hire is one of the UK’s largest planning companies. In addition to its fleet of Volvo truck models, the company operates 32 road planers and 40 operator vans. All the company’s equipment is FORS Gold compliant and the new FMX comes with a lower passenger door glazing panel in addition to front, side and rear cameras. Jet Plant Hire have also been awarded a BRAKE fleet safety award, and hold accreditation for Investors in People and ISO 18001 & 14001 standards.

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