Jaama software to help fleets meet new carbon report regulations

Monday, September 23, 2013 - 16:00
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SOLUTION: Jaama system to aid fleets

Jaama’s Key2 Vehicle Management system will enable businesses to meet new mandatory carbon reporting regulations taking effect from next month.

Fleets and leasing companies using the software can calculate their vehicle carbon footprint, thus complying with the new Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Directors’ Reports) Regulations 2013.

Using individual vehicle CO2 emissions and reported mileage, organisations can use Jaama’s technology to show CO2 tonnage for an individual vehicle, a group of vehicles or the entire fleet.

This can be shown for any specific period of time linked to past, current and projected mileage.

Under the new ruling – made under the Companies Act 2006 – approximately 1,800 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange will be subject to regulation.

This could be extended to all large companies, a potential 31,000 businesses, from April 2016.

The requirement means that annual company reports for years ending on or after September 30, 2013 must highlight organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions.

These include emissions from cars, vans and HGVs ‘owned or controlled’ by companies.

Martin Evans, Managing Director of Jaama, said: “Carbon reporting is already a major issue for many businesses in respect of their corporate social responsibility agenda and the new regulation only increases that demand.

“Overall the effect of introducing an emissions focus will be to operate a cleaner, greener fleet that potentially clocks up fewer miles thus cutting costs.

“Highlighting reductions in greenhouse gas emissions can also enhance a company’s reputation and brand value.”

Critically, if businesses expand and subsequently the size of their fleet increases, Key2 is able to report average CO2 output and carbon tonnage on a per vehicle basis.

“If a fleet increases in size then its carbon footprint is also likely to rise,” added Mr Evans.

“Therefore the key metric is average CO2 tonnage per vehicle and the measures to consistently reduce that figure over time.

“Quantifying CO2 output is a challenge for all businesses, but Key2 with all CO2-related information consolidated in one portal makes accurate carbon reporting easier to achieve.”

The inclusion of greenhouse gas emission details in companies’ annual reports will, say the government, enable investors and customers to see which companies are effectively managing their hidden long-term effects.

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