Ignore compliance regulations at your peril, RHA warn freight operators ahead of conference

Friday, June 7, 2013 - 14:44
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PERIL: Compliance Conference on September 18

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) are warning operators that ignoring freight industry regulations will spell inevitable business failure, ahead of their Compliance Conference.

Held in the prestigious Chancellor’s Suite in the University of Warwick’s Rootes Building, the conference – on Wednesday, September 18 – will cover major compliance issues.

Speakers and experts will be available throughout the day to offer compliance managers one-to-one advice and guidance, with attendees achieving a clear insight of several major topics.

A RHA spokesperson said: “The UK road freight industry is beset by a massive amount of rules and regulations including training, safety, health and employment.

“Ignore them at your peril because if you do, you won’t be compliant.

And if you’re not compliant, your days of running a successful haulage operation are numbered.

“We can’t run your business for you but by attending our Compliance Conference we can certainly make sure that you’re on the right road and going in the right direction.”

The conference, aimed largely at managers and owners responsible for day-to-day compliance within their business, will be headed by Peter Barber, newly-elected Chairman of the RHA.

It is also open to those whose work includes the management of regulatory issues relating to operator licencing and human resources.

Beverley Bell, Senior Traffic Commissioner and the event’s keynote speaker, said: “Compliance covers a vast area yet there are still operators out there who are under the false impression that as long as they comply with the latest Health and Safety legislation, all will be well.

“Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Only by being aware of and following the rules can an operator be truly compliant.”

Attendees will also qualify for four hours’ worth of CILT-approved Continuing Professional Development.

Places are limited and tickets are priced at £55, plus VAT, for RHA members and £65, plus VAT, for non-members.

Applications before July 31 will receive a £10 early-bird discount.

Image courtesy of the Highways Agency, with thanks.

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