IDS fuel card for trucks is 100% secure

Friday, April 20, 2018 - 09:37
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Not a single case of fraud has been encountered since the introduction of IDS’s contactless fuel card

Eighteen months after the introduction of its contactless fuel card for trucks, IDS (International Diesel Service) can boast impressive security figures, reporting that there has not been any cases of payment fraud or skimming. Thanks to a secure built-in chip, the fuel card is impossible to copy and, combined with the other preventive measures taken by IDS, it is the only card on the market to offer 100% secure card transactions.

 As the market leader in fuel card security, IDS was first on the market to equip its fuel cards with RFID technology and real-time authorisation for each transaction. The built-in chip not only makes the cards faster and easier to use – offering the same functionality as any contactless bank card– but also extremely secure.

Vincenzo Maniaci, Global card business director, Q8, comments: “Fuel remains a very attractive product for fraudsters. We are extremely proud to report that IDS has not had any cases of card fraud. Our fuel cards are just as secure as bank cards and are the most secure solution available on the market. Falsification is impossible, because the card cannot be copied, so criminals cannot override the technology we use.” 

In addition to the cards being 100% secure, IDS also offers a smart set of measures for secure transactions at 600 European stations, and full control of the fuel cards. Customers can manage and configure all of their truck and driver fuel cards online via iAccount, the well-organised and easy-to-navigate card management system, Making transactions, credit information, prices and network information easily available. Bigger customers can also clearly group and organise subcontractors.

An authorisation at the station with an online PIN check prevents refuelling transactions that have not been pre-authorised. As such, IDS is the only company on the market with a fuel card that is fully online.

A double card payment system is also available, which provides a fuel card per driver and per truck, and only validates a transaction when both cards are used together. Finally, all transactions are monitored and suspicious transactions are identified automatically.

IDS has a specialised fraud investigation team that monitors suspicious transactions 365 days a year. Any irregularities are investigated extensively and close contact is maintained with international police services.

IDS, part of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, supplies diesel for national and international transport and has a network of more than 600 automatic filling stations in Europe.

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