ICE outsource 60-strong fleet to IFC

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 15:30
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OUTSOURCED: Paul Talbot, of IFC

Industrial Cleaning Equipment (ICE) are outsourcing the day-to-day management of their 60-plus car and van fleet to IFC Fleet Services.

The business – the UK’s largest independent industrial cleaning specialist – have devolved to IFC, who are handling all operational aspects of ICE’s 50-plus commercial vehicles and 11 company cars.

Vehicle sourcing, replacement and hire cars, servicing, maintenance and repair management, driver communications and mileage management, accident management, supplier management, and invoice management and consolidation are all now handled by IFC.

ICE selected IFC Fleet Services following a recommendation from Martyn Crowfoot, Commercial Director, who had worked with IFC at a former company.

Martyn Orchard, Director of Finance at ICE, said: “We appointed IFC to improve efficiencies and reduce costs on our vehicle fleet following an internal recommendation.

“It has proved to be an excellent decision from our point of view and has taken away the headache we had previously in running the fleet.

“Now, instead of liaising with a number of different suppliers and receiving dozens of supplier invoices, IFC handles all supplier negotiations and we receive one consolidated monthly invoice.

“Everything is fully-automated, replacing the system of spreadsheets we used previously, and IFC’s involvement has reduced our administrative burden and the time taken to run the fleet enormously.”

Paul Talbot, Managing Director of IFC Fleet Services, added: “We are delighted to include Industrial Cleaning Equipment in our portfolio of corporate customers.

“Our objective is to provide our customers with a complete outsource for the financial and day-to-day management of their company fleet, although we can also offer a scaled down, ‘lite’ version featuring a number of service modules to suit each client’s needs.

“With ICE, we have aimed to introduce cost efficiencies, avoid duplication and basically deliver first-rate customer service through the day-to-day management of their fleet, and it is great to hear that they believe we are meeting those objectives.”

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