HK Remarketing deliver savings for Ogilvie

Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 14:15
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SAVINGS: HK Remarketing in Ogilvie deal

HK Remarketing have secured a new contract with Ogilvie Fleet, after developing and delivering a efficiency-boosting workflow-based de-fleet and sales channel management system.

The system was created off the back of 12months’ close work with Ogilvie, which saw HK identify key areas where improvement in efficiencies could be made.

Configured specifically for Ogilvie, the system provides the fleet company with full inventory visibility, multiple rules based sales channel operation and supplier selection.

The system offers full integration of the supply chain, from vehicle inspection to logistics and remarketing, and MI dashboard reporting with full audit control.

By integrating with client and third-party systems, the process is seamless and allows Ogilvie to retain full control over their processes.

A driver sales portal has also been plugged into the Ogilvie website.

Jim Hannah, Operations Director at Ogilvie Fleet, said: “We introduced the HKR remarketing platform to increase efficiency within our remarketing team.

“The key goal for us was to be able to handle multiple suppliers within the same environment, for stock management, collections, inspections and preparation of pre and post sales analysis.

“We have now achieved this and as a result, significantly reduced the amount of time spent searching through different supplier’s individual sites.”

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