GreenRoad now used by 22,000 Stagecoach drivers

Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 15:15
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REACH: 22,000 Stagecoach drivers now tracked

GreenRoad has been extended to almost 1,200 London buses – meaning 22,000 Stagecoach drivers nationwide are experiencing real-time driving behaviour feedback.

The move, which means GreenRoad has been expanded to Stagecoach’s entire fleet, was sparked by the bus operator’s desire to cut fuel consumption by 4%.

Stagecoach are also looking to reduce carbon emissions, improve passenger comfort and cut the risk of accidents.

In total, drivers of 8,830 Stagecoach vehicles are now using GreenRoad, as part of their EcoDriver scheme.

Mark Threapleton, Managing Director of Stagecoach London UK Bus, said: “We already invest millions of pounds a year in driver training and new vehicles to offer our Transport for London and our passengers greener, smarter travel and ensure our drivers provide passengers with safe and comfortable journeys.

“Installing this new system on all 1,200 of our buses will help limit the impact of our operations on the environment whilst helping our drivers to drive more safely.”

Nationwide, Stagecoach drivers have reduced their risk level by 60% with GreenRoad.

To encourage London drivers to reach their target of a 4% reduction in fuel, the EcoDriver incentive scheme gives Stagecoach bus drivers the chance to earn green points.

These are converted into financial benefits from a potential £225,000 annual bonus pot.

Andy Cozens, Director of Sales at GreenRoad, added: “With its rigorous deployment methodology and commitment across the whole organisation including union buy-in, Stagecoach London stands to reduce its impact on the environment as it cuts fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and sees less vehicle wear-and-tear.”

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