Government trial sees Alan Firmin bag long-length trailers

Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 12:45
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TRIAL: Alan Firmin invest in longer-length trailers

Sittingbourne-based Alan Firmin Ltd have invested in three new longer-length trailers as part of the ten-year government trial into their feasibility.

The three trailers measure 15.65m, which is two-metres longer than standard, and will be used on the company’s overnight Palletforce service.

Firmin’s current fleet consists of 70 tractor units and more than 150 trailers.

Paul Denyer, Director of Alan Firmin Ltd, said: “Our new investment in longer-length trailers means we can increase the capacity of our loads and save on fuel in the long run.

“Fewer loads on the roads means reduced congestion on our motorways and we’re delighted to be part of the government’s study into the effects of these lorries on the road.

“We purchased the three trailers from Lawrence David and use them on our overnight Palletforce trunks.

“The trailers have three different designs; one is in Palletforce colours, one in traditional Firmin branding and the third has a bespoke, eye-catching rainforest design to reflect the environmental benefits.”

A total of 900 trucks will be monitored in the government’s trial, and a decision will be made on their future once the results have been reviewed.

Michael Conroy, Chief Executive of Palletforce, added: “Alan Firmin is one of our long-standing members and it’s wonderful to see them being at the forefront of our industry’s most-innovative developments.

“Their continual investment in promoting the Palletforce brand further strengthens our presence in the South East.”

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