Goodyear supports International Road Safety Training Ltd by supplying tyres

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 08:39
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Goodyear Tyres is proud to announce that it is supplying tyres from its premium KMAX range to International Road Safety Training Ltd, to support the great work of this organisation. With more than 15,000 drivers, International Road Safety Training Ltd runs specially designed programmes across the UK and Europe, teaching truck operators emergency techniques for the prevention of rollovers and jackknifing. Through the training, drivers are given the knowledge and confidence to act decisively on the road and prevent accidents from taking place.

International Road Safety Training Ltd was established 25 years ago, and it is the first organisation of its kind in the UK to provide such extensive practical advanced driver training for qualified truck drivers. Goodyear will be supplying tyres for the road safety fleet, which includes rollover tankers, arctic and rigid trucks.

Goodyear is providing tyres from their KMAX range, which are designed to improve mileage by up to 35% compared to its predecessors. The range’s all-season capability is confirmed by the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake and Mud+Snow marking on all KMAX D, S and T tyres. The KMAX S has a computer model tread profile for optimised tyre pressure distribution, which offers regular wear and robustness. The KMAX D offers high traction performance and low noise emissions thanks to the directional V-shape tread design. The KMAX T features improved casing with a multi-radius cavity shape which helps to enhance mileage potential.

Mark Hull, Senior Trainer and Chairman of International Road Safety Ltd, comments: “The message that we’re delivering is one of safety, and we’re acutely aware of the impact that using premium tyres can have. We’re excited and grateful to Goodyear for supplying us with their tyres, free of charge, for our road safety training.  As qualified trainers, we look forward to our trainees enjoying the courses, which is helped by the quality of Goodyear’s KMAX range.”

David Howe, Commercial General Manager at Goodyear, comments: “International Road Safety Ltd is doing a vital job in equipping drivers with the advanced skills they need when out on the road. Therefore, we are very proud to supply our premium KMAX tyres for the training of qualified truck drivers. Safety is of the utmost importance to Goodyear, and we whole-heartedly endorse the skills that International Road Safety Training Ltd promotes.”