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Go Motor Retailing acquires 4 Vauxhall sites in London

Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 09:16
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GO Motor Retailing Limited (GMRL), trading as GO Vauxhall, has acquired 4 additional Vauxhall sites from NOW Motor Retailing in Kingston, Heathrow, Hayes and Staples Corner. The sites will transition into the existing GO Vauxhall London portfolio and will grow the manufacturer owned Group to 12 locations nationwide with an increasing presence in London. In January 2018 James Weston, CEO, and Simon Lawrence, Finance & Group Strategy Director, were appointed as Directors of GRML in addition to their responsibilities as Directors of the PSA manufacturer owned Group, Peugeot Citroen Retail Group (trading as Robins & Day).

Speaking about the acquisition, James Weston, CEO of Robins & Day said: ’Our first quarter results across GO Vauxhall and Robins & Day have been promising and we have been able to maximise the opportunity from the 4 PSA brands to further improve our commercial results and ability to expand. Our relationship with Vauxhall has just begun, yet we can already see the opportunity with the brand and the model range especially the new Grandland X, which has opened a further channel in the important SUV sector. The addition of the 4 NOW Vauxhall businesses will increase our ability to represent the brand in a core strategic market and we are confident with the new strategic direction of the Vauxhall brand to increase our volumes, customer satisfaction and profitability.”

The Manufacturer owned Group now operates 41 dealerships nationwide with a current total of 27 Peugeot, 14 Citroen, 7 DS and 12 Vauxhall franchises and a 2017 turnover of £885m, being 15th group in the AM100 Top 10.

Vauxhall’s Retail Network Development Director, Alastair Cassels, said: ‘Vauxhall Motors is pleased to have supported Robins & Day in their acquisition of the NOW Vauxhall retail sites, ensuring a strong and sustainable future for the business and its employees.

Media contact: PSA Retail, Marc Bocqué, +33 6 80 21 87 03, marc.bocque@mpsa.com

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