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FleetPoint Test Drive The Aston Martin Rapide
by Vincent
Model Test: Aston Martin Rapide
The Rapide is the only Aston Martin saloon – a beautiful four-door expression of the VH aluminium architecture and thumping V12.

The Rapide offers a new front-end structure, a revised engine, a reinforced body, a reappraised chassis, a freshened-up cabin – as well as that thrusting new grille.

Buyers have the choice of some pretty exotic sports saloons and Aston Martin is at the vanguard with its Rapide four-door.

And now we hand it to Vincent for his perspective on the Aston Martin Rapide.
Vincents Review
Great engine and refinement Running Costs and only has four seats
RATING: Four star rating
Cost Of Ownership in Partnership with CVD
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