Faraday Future: FF91 – A Unique Vehicle

Friday, February 10, 2017 - 00:00
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A truly unique vehicle designed for those who dare to believe in a better future for humanity.

Faraday Future’s goal is to build vehicles with a sixth sense for the user’s intentions and needs. By employing state-of-the-art ergonomics, an intuitive user interface, and holistic design, they can create a connected in–car experience that’s more than highly responsive – it’s instinctive and deeply engaging for both driver and passenger.

Their cars aren’t designed for roads, they’re designed for people – no matter what the road may be. Every detail is rigorously tested for comfort, durability, and intuitive human-vehicle interaction.

Your unique FFID profile encompasses an extensive range of your drive preferences and content choices – from your seat setting to your song list. It’s how the FF 91 gets more intuitive about you with every drive. Because the more you use the FF 91, the smarter about you it becomes, delivering the most personalized experience possible.

Seamless Entry is our multi-stage welcoming system. Once it securely recognizes your FFID on your phone, it proactively adjusts your custom settings for climate control, seat, entertainment, and driving routes by the time you’ve put on your seatbelt. Don’t have your phone? Your face can be the key with our facial recognition technology.

The FF 91 will be the first production vehicle to feature 3-D lidar technology. Utilizing laser pulses to scan its surroundings, our lidar is the centerpiece of a sensor system teeming with over 30 cameras, radars, and ultrasonic sensors. This multilayer redundancy creates a hyper-detailed, 360° image of the surrounding environment.

Driverless Valet – Activate the app and their breakthrough in autonomous technology becomes your personal valet, parking the FF 91 after you exit the vehicle. You can then summon it to pick you up wherever you’re waiting. Don’t want to wait? You can schedule the FF 91 to come at a time of your choosing.

Their lithium-ion cells achieve the world’s highest energy density – nearly double that of a production automotive battery. This not only represents a significant step forward in battery technology, it’s a tremendous increase in driving range, well in excess of 370 miles on a single charge.

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