ExxonMobil Launches Upgraded Formulation

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 16:30
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ExxonMobil has reformulated two commercial vehicle lubricants in the Mobil Delvac MX TM brand. Mobil Delvac MX TM MX ESP 15W-40 and Mobil Delvac MX TM, MX ESP 10W-30 have been updated to provide stronger protection under the rigours of today’s advanced engine technology.

The changes come as the American Petroleum Institute (API) has introduced a new standard for the next generation of heavy duty vehicle (HDV) diesel engine oils – PC-11 – in the US market. Split by two new standards, CK-4 and FA-4, HDV oils must now pass far more stringent testing. While not being enforced in the EAME market, the increased focus on efficient solutions for the HDV industry is clearly a global benefit and the re-formulation has also delivered additional performance enhancing features as a result of meeting the new testing regulations.

These new standards ensure engine oils can now provide protection to newer engine technology that sees equipment operate under hotter temperatures, higher pressures and with new metal technologies, all in an effort to become more efficient.

Both falling under the CK-4 category under the project name of PC-11 in the U.S. The products now offer stronger engine protection through higher temperature oxidation stability. By reducing the rate of oxidation, it helps to maintain optimum oil viscosity and minimise deposits of varnish and sludge in the engine.

Similarly, the lubricants meet the strict PC-11 requirements of shear stability. Stronger resistance to shearing and the resultant rapid loss in oil viscosity keeps the temperature operating window at the desired high temperature. This avoids accelerated equipment wear and excessive oil consumption, leading to reduction in unexpected vehicle downtime and its associated costs.

Mobil DelvacTM MX ESP 15W-40 and Mobil DelvacTM MX ESP 10W-30 also have increased aeration control, meaning a reduction in the level of entrapped air in the lubricant which can degrade the ability of the oil film to protect engine parts, potentially causing engine wear and ultimately meaning greater costs for operators.

Formulated for both new and existing engines, the oils are approved according to the latest Volvo specifications (VDS-4.5/VDS-4) and Renault truck claims (RLD-4/RLD-3), and also for other key OEMs including Mercedes-Benz and MAN.

“It’s extremely positive to see the industry setting these high standards for the next generation of diesel engine oils. While PC-11 isn’t enforced in EAME, the benefits from the global reformulation are certainly bringing an enhanced product to the market.” said Guillaume Malandain, EAME Commercial Vehicles Lubricants Marketing Advisor at ExxonMobil Fuels and Lubricants. “We strive to ensure our engine oils provide step-out performance for customers, and this is the latest evolution in that mission. Strong oxidation and shear ability combined with increased aeration control make for a product line that helps operators maximize the productivity of their vehicles and improve their bottom line through reduced unexpected maintenance.”

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