Expensive tyre failures banished as new product slashes running costs

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 09:00
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FLAT: Puncture Safe UK could save fleets money

Commercial vehicle owners could save thousands on repair costs thanks to a new initiative which helps protect expensive tyres from frequent replacement.

Hampshire-based Puncture Safe UK, launched by Nigel Weller, is a new business which seeks to solve the issue which impacts on time and costs companies big money.

Puncture Safe is a safety product, installed into any size of tyre that can prevent accidents that are as a direct result of punctures.

It is a gel-like substance that is easily installed through the air tube of the tyre and, once inside, turns solid, to help protect the tyre for the duration of its life.

Mr Weller, who has a background in the agricultural industry, said he is fully-aware of how much of an issue punctures are for businesses.

“From the early interest I have received so far, I truly believe this is the answer that so many vehicle owners have been waiting for and I’m so pleased to be finally launching my business” said Mr Weller.

“Tractors, trucks and lorries often suffer from punctures due to the nature of their work and replacing tyres is expensive.

“Therefore, I decided something had to be done to keep the costs down – that was where Puncture Safe came in.”

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