Emerging economies ‘demanding UK fleet expertise’

Friday, February 28, 2014 - 14:00
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UK fleet expertise is enjoying hot demand in emerging economies across the world, fleet management software company Chevin have claimed.

During the last three months, Chevin have received enquiries for systems in Mexico, the Philippines, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Tanzania, Nigeria and Kenya.

Ashley Sowerby, Managing Director at Chevin, said: “The UK fleet market can lay a credible claim to being the most advanced in the world, and the key elements of our expertise are very useful in just about any fleet environment.

“Our fleet services companies perhaps know more than almost anyone when it comes to keeping vehicles operational while minimising costs and keeping drivers happy.

“We have the best tools and the highest levels of competence.

“So, when knowledgeable buyers look to acquire fleet expertise, they often come to companies such as ourselves.”

Mr Sowerby added that, where UK fleet products and services were measured against local suppliers, the difference between the two was frequently stark.

“There are some very good fleet suppliers in emerging economies but more often than not, the local fleet product and service provision is not great,” he said.

“We, and others, have won quite a lot of business in South America, Africa and Asia in recent years, and there is every chance that UK companies that are willing to make the investment needed to deliver in these markets can reap very real rewards.”

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