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Don’t Be The Road User To Cause A Death

Monday, August 14, 2017 - 16:50
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The Road Haulage Association is disappointed at the news that HGV drivers are still being snapped eating, drinking, checking paperwork and using mobile phones while driving.

“There is absolutely no excuse for this behaviour,” said RHA Director of Policy Rod McKenzie. “If you’re driving – leave your phone alone. If you need to eat, drink or check your paperwork then stop when safe and practical to do so.

“Any distraction – even for a couple of seconds, can have disastrous consequences for both the HGV driver and other road users.

“The RHA, as the only trade body with sole responsibility for the road freight sector, works hard to improve what has been seen historically been as a poor industry image. We constantly stress the vital role played by the industry in moving 85% of the economy. Part of improving the public perception of the industry is to stress the professionalism of its drivers.

“We represent professional hauliers,” continued Rod McKenzie. “Those that continue to flout the law are risking their life, the lives of other road users, a fine and the possible loss of their job. However, HGV drivers cannot all be tarred with the same brush. But the minority of drivers; those who deliberately continue with these illegal practices, are ruining the industry for those who work hard to remain within the law.”

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