Delivery Record For Volkswagen Brand In January

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 13:50
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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivers 323,400 vehicles

In January 2018 the Volkswagen brand handed over 533,500 vehicles to customers throughout the world. Deliveries were therefore 7.1 percent above the figure for the corresponding month of the previous year.

Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen brand Board Member for sales, commented: “Volkswagen Passenger Cars has started the new year with considerable momentum. I am pleased that we have recorded significant growth of 12.3% in sales in Germany and were able to continue the positive development from the last quarter. I am also impressed by our good start in our second home market of China.”

In Europe, 135,300 new vehicles were handed over to customers in January, 4.9 percent more than the previous year. In particular, Switzerland contributed to this result: 43.3 percent above the figure for the corresponding month of the previous year.

At 43,300, vehicles delivered in Germany were up 12.3% on the previous year. Factors contributing to this development included the environmental incentive. Since the program was launched, more than 100,000 vehicles have been sold with the environmental incentive. In Western Europe, too, 5.7 percent more vehicles were delivered than in the corresponding month of the previous year.

In the Central and Eastern Europe region, 17,500 vehicles were handed over to customers, 0.7 percent fewer than in January 2017. Russia reported significant growth of 22.0 percent, with 5,600 vehicles handed over.

In North America, 41,700 vehicles were delivered, corresponding to growth of 0.8 percent over the previous year. In the USA, Volkswagen increased deliveries by 5.2 percent to 24,700 vehicles. Since the brand added family-friendly SUV’s to its range, their share in vehicles delivered has risen to 52 percent.
In South America, 37,700 vehicles were handed over to customers, corresponding to growth of 16.1 percent. This positive development was mainly driven by Brazil, with a rise of 43.2 percent to 23,900 vehicles delivered.

The Volkswagen brand continued its growth in China in January In its largest single market, the brand delivered 296,900 vehicles, corresponding to a rise of 9.7 percent. The continuing SUV trend was reflected especially by the sustained popularity of the Tiguan family. In January, 31,100 of these vehicles were delivered to customers, together with 11,900 Teramont models.

Deliveries to customers bymarkets January 2018 January 2017 Change


Europe 135,300 129,000 +4.9
Western Europe 117,800 111,400 +5.7
Germany 43,300 38,600 +12.3
Central and Eastern Europe 17,500 17,600 -0.7
Russia 5,600 4,600 +22.0
North America 41,700 41,400 +0.8
USA 24,700 23,500 +5.2
South America 37,700 32,500 +16.1
Brazil 23,900 16,700 +43.2
Asia-Pacific 308,300 283,100 +8.9
China 296,900 270,600 +9.7
Worldwide 533,500 498,300 +7.1

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