Ctrack and ADT target driver safety

Monday, October 21, 2013 - 11:30
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TARGET: Merger aims to boost fleet safety

Ctrack are teaming up with Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) to integrate their vehicle tracking systems with the company’s fleet compliance solution.

The partnership means fleet operators will now be able to use real-time driver behaviour data to better understand, manage and minimise the risks they face.

Ctrack and ADT claim the integration will help companies drive down accident rates, reduce fleet costs, increase productivity and improve the reputation of the business.

John Wisdom, Managing Director of Ctrack, said: “Improving the way employees drive can have a considerable impact on an organisation in terms of operational efficiency, environmental responsibility and heightened duty of care.

“This agreement with ADT will enable fleet operators to take advantage of the operational insight provided by the Ctrack system to identify what action is needed.”

The ADT compliance solution identifies risk and recommends appropriate course of action based on a range of data sources.

These include automated licence checks, online risk assessments, maintenance audits and claims.

To date, fleet operators have only been able to act retrospectively using this information.

However, with the integration of the Ctrack system, real-time driver performance data can be extracted to highlight areas of improvement.

As a result, companies will be able to undertake immediate and meaningful action that should reduce accidents, fuel usage and vehicle wear and tear.

Dr Jim Golby, Director of Applied Driving Techniques, said: “At-work journeys account for one third of all in the UK, with speeding and driving too fast for the road conditions also contributing to 850 deaths and 33,000 injuries every year.

“Therefore, fleet operators have an obligation to minimise risk to both staff and the public by ensuring drivers are operating in a safe and responsible manner.

“Using the real-time and historical data, companies can analyse fleet performance ensuring total legal compliance.

“This will help protect their valued corporate image by eliminating any exposure around Duty of Care and health and safety responsibilities, as well as significantly enhancing CSR credentials.”

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