Citroën Launch Car Yoga

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 14:20
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Citroën launch Car Yoga

To celebrate International Yoga Day (21 June), Citroën has teamed up with the internationally renowned Yoga teacher, Michael James Wong, to create five unique ‘Car Yoga’ poses.

Inspired by the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme which promotes relaxed and stress-free driving, each pose has been designed to enhance the well-being of Yoga-practising drivers and passengers alike.

Citroën has partnered with global yogi and founder of BOYS OF YOGA, Michael James Wong, to create a series of new ‘Car Yoga’ poses to help Yoga-practising drivers and passengers unwind, and re-engerise before driving, during rest periods and at their final destination.

Citroën launch Car Yoga

As part of International Yoga Day, and inspired by the New Citroën C3, the ‘Car Yoga’ poses encourage drivers to switch off their engines and find their inner calm with in-car meditation techniques utilising some of the Citroën Advanced Comfort®features on-board.

With the summer holidays fast approaching and many Brits expected to pack up their cars for a staycation, ‘Car Yoga’ will help ensure a relaxing drive – whether that’s with the ‘Hands Up, Back and Forward’ move to warm up and engage the shoulders, or the ‘6 Point Turn’ Yoga pose to loosen the spine ready to drive.

Citroën launch Car Yoga

For those wishing to stretch their legs, drivers can open their car door and loosen tight hamstrings with ‘The Ham Sandwich’ while resting against the soft Airbump® panels on the sides of the car. Alternatively, the ‘The Rest Stop’ pose will help to re-energise the body after a long period of driving, or after being stuck in traffic which can highten stress levels.

During rest breaks, or upon reaching the final destination, there’s also the ‘Driver Warrior’ pose. Standing with both legs firmly grounded, you need to place your hands on the boot sill before extending each leg behind in turn. This pose will relax your legs after a long drive.

New C3 delivers new levels of advanced comfort and personality to the sector, with 36 different colour combinations to suit all personailities. The large panoramic sunroof and comfortable seats also promote well-being and emphasise a feeling of reassurance, comfort and calm.

Moving inside, a 7-inch touchscreen groups together all of the key vehicle functions on the central console. ConnectedCAM Citroën™ allows the driver and front passenger to share their road-trip photos and videos directly with friends and family.

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