Chevin enhances global fleet management offering with new consultancy service

Friday, June 22, 2018 - 15:06
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Chevin Fleet Solutions, a leading global provider of fleet management software, has launched a brand-new global consultancy service that is to be headed-up by its newest team member, Bill Griffiths.

Working closely with clients to evaluate business processes and fleet management practices, Griffiths will add significant value in his role as Vice President of Global Consulting and Client Services, by identifying – and building on – both strengths and weaknesses in existing, internal programs.

The new service offers both new and existing clients a comprehensive evaluation of fleet performance and associated management processes, enabling managers to fully understand existing procedures; maximise the use of data; streamline work-flow and, ultimately, create a stronger road map for success.

From an objective standpoint, the new service will help companies to address:

  • Workflow processes that improve administrative time
  • Project management and inspection compliance, lowering costs for vehicle downtime
  • Vendor reconciliation for fuel, parts and other services
  • Technician labour and shop workload allocation
  • Better use of telematics data for operations management
  • More effective vehicle and equipment replacement planning
  • Lower total cost of ownership






Having recognised that the amount of ‘big data’ available to fleets can be overwhelming, the global software provider will coach its clients to focus on specific data sets that will provide the results they need – for example maintenance schedules, repair times and reporting standards – to turn fleet management processes into a real competitive advantage.

Chevin’s new expert value-added consultancy service will take an analytical, data-focussed approach in order to build a strong foundation for making fact-based decisions.

Speaking on the new service, Griffiths said:

“One of the most critical skills needed by a Fleet Manager goes beyond technical knowledge, mechanical aptitude and the ability to run a shop – individuals must be data-fluent, strategically focussed and expert communicators.

“With an expanse of fleet management experience, software suppliers such as Chevin are perfectly placed to maximise the use of fleet data and recommend best practices.

“We possess the unique ability to evaluate experience through a gap analysis process, which leads to an effective look at both strengths and weaknesses in any given business.

“Good data can change the conversation, help to inspire progress and galvanise change.”

Chevin’s new consultancy service is now available in all English-speaking countries, with a view to expand into other territories over the coming months.

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