C&D South West make fuel savings with Quartix

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 - 14:00
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SAVINGS: C&D reduce fuel costs

Transport and logistics operators C&D South West are reducing fuel costs and improving service with the help of Quartix tracking.

The company primarily employ Driving Style Monitoring in combination with several other core features of the system, in order to better their day-to-day operations and increase productivity.

C&D identify problematic drivers and issues which need addressing using the function, before speaking to drivers about their strengths and weaknesses.

After consulting with drivers, the company began to see fleet-wide improvements by reviewing the system’s score-based league tables, which aggregate individual driver performance on a 100-point scale.

C&D’s average driving style score is currently 95/100, with high performance ratings decreasing fuel consumption and cutting accident rates.

Darren Hammond, Director of C&D South West, said: “It’s a key tool for my business: I use it as a management tool and other departments use it as an operational tool.

“We’re also soon to be opening a new satellite depot.

“We want to put the Quartix system into all our vehicles and monitor the trucks remotely, which will be great for us.

“Our company had no other telematics system in place before installing Quartix.

“We were aware of tracking’s benefits so we weighed up our options in terms of features and costs.

“We opted for Quartix because they were offering flexible and reasonable rates for a good standard of service.”

Image courtesy of Images_of_Money, with thanks.