Cavalier Carpets boost daily appointments by 25% with Masternaut

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - 13:00
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BOOST: Martin Hiscox, of Masternaut

Masternaut’s Three X solution is helping Cavalier Carpet’s insurance team to increase the number of appointments it makes by 25%.

The team – ‘Renew’ – introduced Three X to support logistics and improve efficiency, as well as generate an audit record of all information recorded on jobs.

Three X is fully integrated with Masternaut’s UNIX platform software and is used by both the mobile workforce and staff based at Cavalier Carpets’ Service Centre.

Chris Sutton, Services Director at Renew, said: “With an average 25% increase in the number of appointments taking place each day, Renew is able to process insurance claims more quickly, to the obvious advantage of our clients.

“From an HR perspective, the solution helps us manage the performance of our inspectors and identify where pressure points are for strategic resource planning.”

Martin Hiscox, Chairman and CEO of Masternaut, added: “Our team of expert consultants configured the solution to provide Renew with real-time prompts; ensuring employees gather the correct level of information when on site, creating a full audit trail should customer queries later arise.”