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Catloc announce Halfords partnership

By Kelly Mason
Friday, March 28, 2014 - 14:30

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DEAL: New major partnership for Catloc

Catalytic converter, diesel particulate filter and exhaust theft protection company Catloc have revealed Halfords as their new national fitting partner.

Halfords, who have more than 300 centres nationwide, will now fit Catloc solutions purchased either from themselves directly or from elsewhere.

Solutions developed by Catloc to combat such theft contain a police and Thatcham-approved marking and registration system.

Paul Chase, Managing Director of Catloc, said “Partnering with Halfords was an obvious choice for us as they are such a well-known brand who is trusted in the marketplace.

“We believe this partnership will offer motorists and fleet operators an easy and cost effective way of protecting vehicles from catalytic converter theft.”

“Partnering with Halfords was an obvious choice for us as they are such a well-known brand who is trusted in the marketplace.”

Paul Chase, Catloc

CAT, DPF and exhaust theft in the UK is on the rise, with more than 25,000 vehicles targeted by thieves between January 2010 and June 2013.

Catloc claim the majority of vehicles targeted were vans, 4x4s, pickup trucks, people carriers and motor homes.

However, according to the results of a recent freedom of information request, there is a growing trend for thieves to target any vehicle with a catalytic converter, including saloons, hatchbacks and sports cars.

Thieves target catalytic converters as they contain precious metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium and are easily removed with no specialist tools required.

They can then sell on the parts either via the second hand market or to scrap dealers for anywhere between £50 and £400.

However, the cost to vehicle owner of replacement is on average a hefty £2,000, with some costing up to £10,000.


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