Brexit Leave Britain Under-Skilled Says Automotive Recruitment Expert

Friday, June 24, 2016 - 14:25
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With the result of the much discussed EU referendum now revealed, many of us are now looking at the impact Brexit is going to have on the recruitment industry. Daniel Kirkpatrick, Team Manager for Automotive at JAM Recruitment comments on the implications of Britain opting to leave the EU.

The implications that will now arise from the UK leaving the European Union are vast and wide ranging, with an impact expected to be seen across a whole host of areas – we’ve all heard of the changes that a break away will have on topics such as the economy and immigration, however the decision to leave could lead to the UK suffering from an even greater skills shortage.

Across the automotive industry, we’re not in a position where we have the trained home-grown manufacturing and engineering workforce that would allow us to continue operating at the cutting edge of automotive design and development. The current skills shortage within the industry means we’re increasingly looking to other nations to source workers who posses the required skillset to fill specific roles.

In addition to the implications that would arise with regards to staffing within the industry, further problems would relate to the importing and exporting of both parts and finished products. With the successful Brexit result, doubts will now be cast as to how freely the UK could export goods to other European nations, in turn casting doubt over whether organisations would choose to remain operating within the UK as opposed to other EU nations.

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