Brake publish risk-cutting, money-saving guide for fleet managers

Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 10:09
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RISK: Brake aim to save fleets money

Fleet operators are being urged to cut risks and save money in a new guide by Brake.

The road safety charity have produced a best-practice report as part of their drive to help organisations save lives, money and the environment by improving fleet safety.

Guidance includes expert advice delivered at a recent Brake webinar on saving money through fleet risk management.

It demonstrates how identifying and managing the risks of vehicle collisions, as well as engaging with fleet insurers, can help lower operating costs.

Both the guidance and the webinar are sponsored by leading driver performance and fleet management company, GreenRoad.

Roz Cumming, Professional Engagement Manager of Brake, said: “At Brake our first priority is to prevent road death and injury.

“But we appreciate that particularly in difficult financial times, money is ultimately the driving factor for businesses deciding how to invest limited funds.

“Happily, as this report demonstrates, investing in fleet safety will help to save lives and money through crash prevention.

“Even minor collisions can be very expensive for fleets.

“This report highlights the hidden cost of crashes, and provides practical steps for fleet managers to follow.”

At-work crashes are estimated to cost more than £2.7billion a year in the UK alone.

Even minor crashes are expensive: the total cost of a fleet vehicle insurance claim can be four to 15 times higher than average direct repair costs.

Andy Cozens, Senior Consultant at GreenRoad, said: “We partnered with Brake because we recognise the important role it plays in helping the UK’s roads become safer.

“The report, as well as GreenRoad’s experience working with fleets of all sizes, clearly show that improving fleet’s safety, and minimizing risk, has a very concrete and immediate effect on business costs and ROI.

“With safer fleets, GreenRoad customers achieved a positive ROI in as little as a month – cutting fuel costs by up to 14%, reducing crash rates by 50-70%, saving on insurance premiums and increasing driver productivity.

“It’s a winning combination – saving lives, cutting fuel and reducing fleet costs.”

The PDF report is available for free to Fleet Safety Forum subscribers, or can be purchased for £5 by non-subscribers.

As a special offer, the first 25 non-subscribers to request the report will get a copy for free.

Email or call 01484 559909, to order a copy.

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