Brake launch new fleet-orientated road safety site

Friday, March 14, 2014 - 15:45
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BATTLE: Site is Brake’s latest safety venture

A new website has been launched by Brake to help fleet professionals battle road deaths.

The road safety charity’s new site, Brake Professional, provides tools and advice for businesses, helping them to implement successful activities and campaigns.

It is also aimed at road safety practitioners, driver trainers, road and vehicle engineers, emergency and health workers, road safety academics and campaigners.

The site replaces Brake’s former Road Safety Forum and Fleet Safety Forum websites, combining all the resources both practitioners need into one place.

“By working closely with fleet and road safety professionals we provide them with the correct resources they need to improve road safety.”

Katie Shephard, Brake

Current subscribers will continue to receive their current benefits, but through the new site.

Katie Shephard, Director at Brake, said: “Nearly a third of journeys on our roads are made by at-work drivers, who are more likely to be in a crash than people driving in their own time.

“By working closely with fleet and road safety professionals we provide them with the correct resources they need to improve road safety.

“This new website helps them achieve this better than ever before.

“If you aren’t already a subscriber I urge you to sign up now and start using these resources to support your vital work.”

Resources on the site include:

  • Guidance reports on a range of road safety topics, containing research and best practice advice
  • Advice sheets to give to drivers providing key road safety advice
  • Posters on a range of topics to display in workplaces and communities
  • Pledge toolkit consisting of resources to help professionals deliver the key messages of the Pledge to drivers
  • Survey reports on Brake’s surveys with fleet operators on road risk management practices, and with drivers on their attitudes and behaviour towards road safety
  • Research library providing access to road safety research from around the world
  • Fleet Safety Forum resources to help fleet managers to tackle the risk of at-work drivers

The site also provides information on events for professionals and other ways to work in partnership with Brake.

To celebrate the launch, Brake are offering a special discounted rate of £50, plus VAT, for subscribing.

The first 50 people who email [email protected] quoting discount code ‘bp-sub’ will receive a 12month subscription giving them access to all tools.

The standard rate for an annual subscription to Brake is £155, plus VAT.

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