Autoglass Launches Leading Technician Tool

Friday, October 20, 2017 - 13:50
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Autoglass® has unveiled a series of new technologies designed to support technicians and further improve its vehicle glass repair and replacement service for drivers, fleets and insurers.

Several new tools were on show at its conference in Milton Keynes this month, as part of an overall demonstration of how Autoglass® goes about its work for every vehicle and customer. These included Advanced Repair Technology (ART), a recently launched Vehicle Handover Video Appraisal service, and a new Facebook chatbot for people who prefer to use social media to engage with customer service.

Latest operational tools

Advanced Repair Technology (ART) is the latest advanced system from Autoglass®, designed to assist technicians in making the process of repairing a windscreen more efficient. Once the technician has cleaned and prepared the area around a chip, the system is placed over the top to create a vacuum into which a repair resin capsule is inserted. The tool then runs independently, allowing more time for the technician to engage with the customer. Once the tool has completed its task, the technician then finishes by curing the repair with a UV lamp.

The Vehicle Handover Video Appraisal service uses Vehicle Vision technology to conduct a pre- and post-inspection of the vehicle. Autoglass® is currently piloting the technology, which takes a three-minute 360-degree video of both the interior and exterior of the customer’s vehicle before the job is completed using a bespoke device

On the technicians’ handsets. It provides a visually accurate and time-stamped record of the vehicle’s condition so the customer can be confident in the quality of workmanship, and also provides a reference point on the rare occasion that something may go wrong.

Also on show was the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration service from Autoglass®. ADAS calibration is fast becoming an essential requirement for many vehicles to ensure that the systems, which support several of the cameras and sensors for emergency breaking and lane departure warnings, are functioning correctly after a windscreen replacement. Since launching the first calibration solution in the UK in 2015, Autoglass® has completed tens of thousands of calibrations across the UK and is continuing to expand its services in response to growing consumer demand. Autoglass® demonstrated a number of new pilots and initiatives in the calibration space on the day.


Using technology to enhance customer service

In line with the ‘Customer Focus: Future Innovation and Technology’ theme of the conference, there were also a series of interactive zones focused on the customer journey from booking appointments through to giving feedback on their experience.

Autoglass® is launching a range of new features to support customers, including a new Facebook chatbot designed to respond to frequently asked questions. Recent research commissioned by Autoglass® found that young drivers are more likely to want to speak to someone via social media when it comes to choosing a product or service relating to their car than older drivers. 18-24 year olds are four times as likely to turn to social media as the over 55s.

In response to growing demand for digital services, Autoglass® has also launched a new ‘On My Way’ real time tracking tool which texts customers on the day of their appointment with a link that allows them to see the location of their technician.


Taxiarchis Konstantopoulos, Managing Director, Autoglass®, says:

“Our Customer Focus: Future Innovation and Technology conference was an outstanding showcase of just some of the initiatives we’ve recently launched to further enhance the experience our customers receive. Change is the only constant today; we benchmark ourselves against the very best in customer service, as opposed to those in our category, so iterative and ongoing innovation is our lifeblood.  Autoglass® has a long heritage as a trail-blazer and these developments are testament to that position. I’m really proud of the service we provide today, which we demonstrated to our customers at this event, but I and this business will never stand still in our mission to provide the easiest and best customer experience.”

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