Autoglass first major fleet to roll out fuel-saving Lightfoot Eco-Drive


MAJOR: Autoglass making 15% fuel savings

Autoglass are the first major UK fleet to pilot Lightfoot’s Eco-Drive system – saving 15% on fuel in the process.

The new driver efficiency tool, developed by Ashwoods Automotive, helps drivers improve their driving style, fuel efficiency and safety behind the wheel.

Extended trials have indicated instant fuel cost savings of 15% across the 1,100-strong Autoglass fleet – the equivalent of 1,000tonnes of CO2 saved every year.

Matthew Mycock, Managing Director of Autoglass, said: “Traditional telematics solutions can provide a huge amount of data and information to fleet managers, which it then takes a huge amount of time and effort to understand and act upon.

“What we love about Lightfoot is that its sole focus is on improving driver efficiency from the moment they turn on the ignition.”

Lightfoot is self-managing, providing drivers with real-time visuals and audible feedback on their driving style.

Lights indicate how efficiently a vehicle is being driven and warnings – green, amber and red – are given when a driver accelerates too quickly, revs the engine or idles.

This enables drivers to make immediate adjustments to improve performance and make fuel savings while on the move, reducing the need for additional driver training.

“Within a couple of days of using the tool we see many of our drivers go from spending 55%-60% of their time in the green zone to hitting 90% and higher,” added Mr Mycock.

“Our savings in fuel costs speak for themselves.

“Our technicians have really embraced the technology.

“We’ve even seen some light-hearted competitiveness emerging when the manager reports go up on the noticeboard every week.”

Savings are achieved by helping drivers to self-manage and automatically improve their performance, without feeling like they are under surveillance.

An additional ‘idling’ functionality operational within the device indicates when an Autoglass van is running but not being driven, reminding drivers to switch off the engine.

A weekly email is delivered to the fleet manager, reporting on how well drivers have been performing.

It also confirms sustained fuel and CO2 savings, which means there is also minimal time investment for fleet managers.

Mark Roberts, Managing Director of Ashwoods Automotive, said: “Working so closely with Autoglass over the past 12months has been an exciting and enjoyable stage in the development of Lightfoot.

“The fact that drivers make the fuel efficiency savings themselves without the fleet manager needing to invest time in driving change through data analysis is powerful.

“As are the knock-on effects for improved driver safety.”

Image courtesy of didbygraham, with thanks.

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