Ambitious Indelease Moves To Bolster Thriving Fleet Management Division

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 15:18
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FAST-GROWING truck contract hire provider Indelease has made a key appointment as part of their continuing business expansion.

The ambitious company, which focuses on contract hire and finance solutions for commercial vehicles, has seen the fleet management element of the business double in size in just 18 months.

The appointment of Paul Fewkes as Operations Director is part of an ongoing strategy for further growth and will help meet increasing demand for the company’s services.

Paul, who has been in the fleet management industry for more than 20 years, takes over the management of all existing contracts.

He brings a wealth of practical, technical and operational experience, particularly with regard to effectiveness and efficiency in repair and maintenance, and will play a key role in the plans for further expansion.

He said: “Indelease is a dynamic and exciting company to be a part of and my job will be to continue with the work of building solid foundations for the future.

“I have been involved in operating several very large high-profile HGV fleets in the past and have built up a great network of contacts that will ensure Indelease can continue to deliver the best possible service and value to our clients.”

Oliver Smith, Finance Director, said: “The fleet management side of the business has grown rapidly in a short period of time and we needed someone with a great range of specific experience in this area to help us to continue moving forward in the best possible way.

“Paul will be responsible for all of our current contracts and will develop the infrastructure we’ll need to support our push for new business.

“He’ll ensure our systems have the capacity for significant growth without losing sight of our dedicated customer service approach which makes us stand out from the crowd.

“Paul knows the true value of going the extra mile to meet the needs of customers and as that’s what we’re all about we see this appointment as a perfect match.”


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